PubNight #6 (5/31/06) - 7:00pm at The Landing

I can see the light.

The sun is dazzling as it glints off the water down here by the Seaport, so come on down for a spot of fresh air and potent potables.... Oh, who am I kidding? It's been an exhausting week, my muse has left me, I have no poetry for you in this e-mail -- all the more reason to toss a few back.

Not only does the Landing have an outdoor waterfront deck, which we are all dying to try out after weeks of cozy dark corners. But it's also convenient to all the Boston.commers who might be working late. And it's very near a visiting New York PNer's hotel! So he can come out drinking with us, and still make his 6:30 wake-up call for business as usual on Thursday. They serve drinks in fish bowls though, so I'm not sure how effective he's going to be...

-- Joan, Emera, Siobhan, with special thanks to Norman

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