PubNight #55 (5/10/07) - Razzy's

..Come check out Somerville's
newest hot spot, where everybody
really does know your name...

Surprisingly, that quote is not from the trailer of a new horror movie titled "They Knew My Name". It's from Razzy's website, and it's only the beginning of the many puzzles that Razzy's would like us to solve. We'll attempt to answer all of their questions during their trivia night this Thursday. You may recall that we came in second at the Atwood's Tavern trivia night last June. We received pint glasses for our efforts -- but we must admit that we left unsatisfied (we're competitive that way). We are now a year older, and ready to prove that we are also a year wiser by setting things straight at Razzy's.

For months I've been hearing great things about Razzy's; it's not a hipster dive, no velvet ropes, they've got a jukebox, flavored vodka shots, crazy bartenders who will do said shots with you and free popcorn. So, trivia fan or not, you should come by to try it out for yourself...they already know your name.

Pubnight Action News: Pubnight mastermind Joan Matelli has auditioned for the Public Radio Talent Quest. You can listen to her audition, vote and comment at !

-- Team Troika

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