PubNight #54 (5/3/07) - Johnny D's

Hooray, hooray the First of May. Outdoor fucking starts today.

That Jonathan Coulton, he sure knows how to kick off a month in classic poetic style. And he's performing live in our neck of the woods this Thursday, so let's head over and raise a glass to the Code Monkey.

Johnny D's doesn't sell advance tickets, they do dinner reservations -- and those are full. But there's space at the bar, and if you get tired of standing, you can go sit on Dolsen's lap (he has reservations).

As always, we'll be at PJ's after. If you don't want to deal with the crowd, the standing, the cover charge, or the fine fine music, you can head over there early, and we'll see you eventually -- for more fine fine music.

--Joan and the Troika

Boston Home