PubNight #52 (4/19/07) - 8pm at River Gods


Are you up for some new-age Irish? Not quite a pub, not quite a club, let's all venture to River Gods. This place in Cambridgeport caters to the slightly off. The food dishes are from all corners of the globe, and the furniture includes medieval throne style chairs, a right handed school desk, and a random organ (not the human kind). There's often a local DJ spinning some good tunes, and local art adorns the walls. How can this place not be cool?

Don't forget -- PubNight Boston's First Anniversary is next week at PJ Ryan's, the scene of the original crime. Is your haiku ready yet? Calling all PN alums, and newcomers; make your plans accordingly. (We recommend a vacation day on the 27th to recover.)

--Brian and the Troika

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