PubNight #5 (5/24/06) - 7pm at The Burren

Behold, the power of PubNight!

All we had to do last week was whine a little bit about our pruney fingers, and there came the sun (dah-dah doo-dah). Not the types to press our luck, though, this week we're headed for a much-loved old standby. It doesn't hurt that it's in our favorite local neighborhood, where most of us already live (or hope to soon).

The Burren touts itself as the "realization of a dream shared by two young Irish musicians." They have nearly 20 beers on tap -- including Harpoon's 100 Barrel selection -- and music in the back room almost every night of the week. Word on the street is that the Burren is also home to the "most eclectic mix of jig dancers ever." With buzz like that, who wouldn't want to go?

-- Joan, Emera, and the Boston PN Triumvirate

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