PubNight #45 (3/1/07) - 7:30pm, B-Side Lounge

It's me and you, on the 45! This isn't your daddy's 45.

This week we do a remix at B-Side, or is that a B-Side Lounge remix? Help us mash it up and make a really good one. It's our first time repeating a bar, but our last visit was so good we couldn't help ourselves. They have blue cheese fries, need I say more?

Trivia question #45a:
On this day (today) in 1998 this UK band had the number one song on the charts. I'll give you a hint that makes it really easy, because we're not about trivia questions no one can answer: "Everybody needs a _______ for a pillow."

Trivia question #45b:
This band labeled their 1987 album with A Side and Another Side, instead of B Side.

Show up for the answers!

-- Your fellow pubnighters