PubNight #44 (2/22/07) - 7pm, Grand Chau Chow

Mgoy, san nin faai lok!

Happy Lunar New Year. We've entered the Year of the Golden Boar (a special kind of Year of the Boar that happens every 60 years -- thanks for the info, TK!) Apparently this is a particularly fortuitious year in which to be born, so if you're not currently gestating something, get cracking! You've got only two more months to plant a seed.

Poking around Wikipedia (love Wikipedia!) I looked up my Chinese horoscope, and found out that I am a Metal Dog. I recommend you do some investigating of your own, for some insights to follow up on our Darkside Horoscopes of the American New Year. Then get your boar-ish self down to Chinatown, so we can ring in the New Year with fortune, joy, luck, and cheap yummy food.

If Chau Chow's "full bar" doesn't include Scorpion Bowls, we might end up at the Hong Kong later on in the evening.

All are welcome to PubNight; please bring along anyone you'd like.

--Joan and the Troika