PubNight #43 (2/14/07) - Grafton Street

Oh, my loves,

Why do you toy with my heart like this? You know that you are the only one I love (every single one of you...), and that I only want to be with you (and you, and you, and you, and you) on this impending day of romance and devotion. Why do you have reservations?

I'd like to make your reservations, for our PubNight Lonely Hearts dinner at Grafton Street. I'm waiting to hear from you, my sweet. So please, check your calendar, make that last-ditch effort at a love connection. . . . then look deep into your heart, realize you'd rather be with us anyway, and send me a mash note confirming the fact.

I'm all a-flutter, just waiting to hear your whispered "yes!"

hearts and flowers,
Joan and the Troika of luv