PubNight #40 (1/25/07) - 7pm, Sligo


We are 40, and middle-aged, and have injured our hip in a BOWLING accident!!

On the occasion of our 40th PubNight this Thursday, we've decided it's time to act our age and hunker down firmly at Sligo Pub. Described alternately as a dive, a dump, and a sh*thole, we are relieved that Sligo does not serve food. The drinks are relatively cheap, so suck it up -- eat something on your way over, or sneak something in.

As we head over the proverbial hill, PubNight has taken a look back at its life and made accounts. We have kicked ass, we have taken names, and now we have put those names (and quotes, and notes, and stats) up on a website, like these kids today are so fond of doing.

Hey, at least we don't have a Myspace page... (though is a Flickr page almost as bad?)

--Siobhan, Joan, Brian and the AARP