PubNight #4 (5/17/06) - 7pm at The Waterfront Cafe

Hello, my waterlogged PubNight cohorts--

A quick look at the PN archives (and the weather reports, and the flood plain, and our shrivelled fingers and soggy socks) tells me that it's been raining for three straight Wednesdays. Eventually, I promise that we'll hit a sunny outdoor deck and toast the New England springtime with a fruity drink, but for now we're going to stick with dark corners, hot toddies and beer.

If you can't avoid the water, might as well embrace it. The Waterfront Cafe is downstairs from an apartment I went to see in the North End, and it was my favorite thing about that building (well, that and the designated underground parking spot, but you had to buy that separately). The pub bills itself as "the only true Italian pub in the North End." I'm a fairly authentic Italian, and I have no idea what an Italian pub is. But I guess if you define the form then you can call yourself whatever you want.

-- Joan, Siobhan, and the Boston PN Triumvirate

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