PubNight #38 (1/11/07) - 7pm, last call at the nÓg

This week, a backstage look into a PubNight crisis....

J: I just found out that Tír na nÓg is scheduled to close down at the end of January. As that was on our short list for this week, should we do a last-minute switch? The impending closing also gives us something to write about...
S: tir na nog can't close!!! oh no. no no no. why and what can I do to stop this? sad sad sad.
S: I think we should go everyday until it closes.
J: I've never been, but I take your word for it that it rocks enough to go every day.
B: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!! That's wrong. I love that place. Let's go next week?
J: Also a good idea. We start this week, and go every day until they lock the doors.

-- Your Troika in mourning