PubNight #37 (1/4/07) - 7pm at The Druid

PubNight secret agents --

As we ring in '007 and pick up our freshly issued licenses to kill, we mustn't neglect our trusty licenses to drink. This week we'll step away from the baccarat table to hide out from the creepy bad guys in a dark corner of a local pub. A well-poured pint of Guinness is a fine alternative to a vodka martini, and the Druid serves "by far, the best shepherd's pie [some random local blogger has] ever had in [his] life. Rather than the standard ground beef with some peas and carrots topped with mediocre mashed potatoes, it was a fantastic lamb stew with vegetables topped with fantastic mashed potatoes."

Don't forget to raise a Happy Birthday toast to our very own Baby New Year, and you'd best make sure he doesn't get thirsty.

- Joan, Brian, Siobhan, John and Bond ... James Bond