PubNight #36 (12/28/06) - 7pm at The Playwright

PubNight locals --

There's so many ways I could go with this e-mail. Should I play on the literary name of this weeks's bar? Accuse it of intellectual pretensions? See, then I could spin off from that into a meditation on the gentrification sweeping across Boston's working-class neighborhoods, and the displacement of the old, established families, and yadda yadda yadda.

The fact is, you probably need a post-holiday drink, and whatever I write here isn't going to do anything one way or another about that thirst. Unless you've seen The Departed a few too many times and now you're afraid of Southie -- in which case rest assured that local boy Duffy says this is *not* one of the bars that's prone to fights breaking out.

As for the literary bent, they've got pitchers of Smithwick's on the menu, so I don't care if they misspell Newcastle. A play's a spoken medium anyway; who cares how it looks on the page.

- Joan, Jessica, Duff and the local gentry