PubNight #33 (12/7/06) - 7:30pm at JJ Foley's

Howdy fellow pub nighters!

Last week we splurged on $12 martinis, so this week we return to a true Irish pub for pints and burgers. Pub Night ventures to the SOWA (South of Washington Street) neighborhood of Boston to visit JJ Foley's. Full of history, this 4-story bar (first opened in 1909) is where 1,000 Boston police officers gathered and voted to unionize in 1919. The police commissioner had ordered them not to form a union, the next day they went on strike! Cheers! During the same year the entire building went up in flames. For 87 years the top three floors of the building have been vacant, until earlier this year JJ Foley's finally rebuilt the top three floors to include a new full kitchen and bar. It's time to test drive the new digs!

I suggest taking the Silver Line, which stops about 30 feet from the bar.

-- Brian, Joan, Siobhan, and the Boston PN Triumvirate