PubNight #3 (5/10/06) - 7pm at Cambridge Common

Hi, everyone!

We visited the south side of the river last week, but it was rainy there. Of course, it's rainy on the north side too right now, so we'd better just get used to the sogginess and hunker down with a pint.

PN Special Advisor Siobhan suggests Cambridge Common, because it's easygoing, good for groups, and her friends think the waitresses are hot. Citysearch says, "In the shadow of Harvard Law School, this dimly lit restaurant is favored by students and young professionals...." groups who perhaps also find the waitresses to be hot. I have a cold, so I'm all for a comfortable place that's close to the T (red line to Harvard) but also has parking, where I can settle down and disinfect from within!

-- Joan, Siobhan, and the Boston PN Triumvirate

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