PubNight #28 (11/2/06) - 7pm at Lucky's Lounge

Do you feel lucky, punk? Do you? I certainly do -- it's my birthday PubNight this week! (So what if the bar where I used to celebrate burned down when I left town? I was forunate that it stayed flame-free and fun for all the birthdays I *did* enjoy there.)

This week we'll press our luck in a cozy downstairs bar with stiff drinks, tasty fare, couches for lounging and bands in the back room. The scene evokes the Rat Pack heyday with a laid-back, slightly retro vibe. Lucky's plays it cool -- there's no sign outside, but it's not tough to find if you know where to look. Come roll the dice at this Seaport "den of cocktail cool," where the men are hep kats and luck is a lady.

--Joan, Siobhan and Brian, your swingin' Troika

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