PubNight #15 (8/2/06) - 7pm at Orleans

All Sorts -

Every now and then in life we must take some time to stop and ponder our direction, and hopefully, make some changes for the better. For me, this life-altering type of reflection occurs when I can no longer pay my bills and I run out of clean clothes. Although it is spectacularly well-dressed and always pays its tab, PubNight Boston has been reflecting. After a couple of conversations and hours of unsubstantiated speculation regarding your personal lives, we've decided to move our social drinking from Wednesday to Thursday nights for the summer (don't worry, closet drinking is still on Mondays, and we support business drinking as often as you can get away with it at work).

There is real cause for the change -- it would seem that a significant number of us PubNighters are huge geeks with various dorky conflicts on Wednesday night (previously scheduled game night/pubquiz/ultimate frisbee, to name a few). And since we love our geeks, we're changing to a night less stacked with after-school activities.

Our new Thursday night tradition will begin right back where we started, in Davis Square. This time we'll get a little swanky at Orleans. There is seating outdoors and air-conditioning inside. The Red Sox vs. Cleveland game will be up on the big screen, and they've got a whole lot of drapes. Hey, I'm writing for the geeks now -- you never know what might get them excited.

-- Siobhan, Joan & the Troika

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