PubNight #13 (7/19/06) - 7pm at The Thirsty Scholar

Calling All Drinkers & Thinkers --

We're sweaty and hot, but contrary to conventional wisdom, we don't think that's so bad. You don't need to bother the bartender for a salt shaker to do a body shot, for example.

Still not loving the heat? It could be worse. This weekend in SoHo, we hear that the Victoria's Secret had NO air conditioning. Imagine crowds of tourists, flushed and sweaty and Trying On Underwear. Then count your blessings that a. we're farther north, b.the heat is supposed to break by Wednesday, and c. the Thirsty Scholar has air conditioning, frosty beverages, and no underwear for sale (unlike CBGBs).

Okay, maybe the heat has addled our brains. Also, our budgets are a bit depleted after the leathery indulgences of last week. So we're headed to a spot where the cool darkness of the bar will soothe our fevered brow as well as our meager means.

-- Siobhan, Joan and the shimmering mirages of our heat stroke

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