PubNight #11 (7/5/06) - 7pm at People's Republik


In response to the interests of the overwhelming majority, this week we will launch a friendly invasion of the People's Republik in Central Square. As my roommates noted, it's the friendly bar "where the lines are long but the beer is cheap." I am sure that you, like my roommates, are in a frenzy over the potential for comic Communist references that this week's bar gives us. But I've been reading the papers and I do love my country, so I won't be "redding it up" as the roommates suggested.

For those who know and love them, I do think it's safe to report that two of our favorite defectors, Lauren Murray and Steve Camera, are in from the West coast, and plan to make an appearance. For those who know and *don't* love them so much, the bar also features darts.

-- Siobhan, Joan and the Troika

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