PubNight #1 (4/26/06) - 7pm at PJ Ryans

Hi, everyone!
(yes, I've moved back to Boston, and yes, I've got something up my sleeve...)

For over ten years, a group calling itself PubNight has roamed the bars of New York City. The format works like this: each week, the "triumverate" that plans the event selects a bar somewhere in or near Manhattan, then sends out an e-mail with that weeek's location. The details are also posted to the website. People drink, we take some notes on who showed up and what transpired, rinse (bars are dirty, or so says Baltimore's Greg), repeat.

Next week, we expand the PN family to Boston, and we'd love to have you join us. P. J. Ryan's in Teele Square, Somerville seems like a cozy place to start, as it's a friendly neighborhood bar, and many of us live in or near that very neighborhood. It also happens to be the first bar I visited after I moved back home to Boston, so it already has a special place in my whiskey-soaked heart.

Boston PubNight will continue every Wednesday night after this, in and around Greater Boston.

Last night, the 500th PubNight was observed in New York. These are the stats that New York's Mike B. sent out to mark the event:

Yup, he's talking about us. Ladies and gentlemen, we in Boston are those Good Times. Let's raise a glass next Wednesday and let the Good Times continue to roll!

-- Joan and the future Boston PN Triumvirate

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